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Remembering Antonio

I am writing to you with my deepest regrets to announce the recent passing of my friend, brother Antonio Salone, aka Tony; He was partner and manager for DRS & ASSOCIATES.

Antonio struggled these past 3 years with having uncontrollable seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. On December 11, 2020 this disorder ultimately took his life.

Antonio was very passionate about his job and was a dedicated worker. Tony took pride in getting cases served and getting the job done in an effective, efficient, and timely manner. He understood the court system, process serving, and the judgment process. He helped place DRS & ASSOCIATES as one of the top ten process serving companies in Los Angeles County on YELP.

Moving forward, DRS & ASSOCIATES will continue to exemplify and emulate Tony’s work etiquette.

Ronnie Murphy / CEO
Cheree L. Jackson / Account Executive

About Us

DRS & Associates, previously Deficiency Recovery Services, has a mission. We strive to offer the best in customer service and to help law firms and Pro-Se's achieve their goals. As process servers, we believe in building close, successful working relationships with each and every client, focusing on the specific needs of each case at every stage of the legal process.

At DRS & Associates, our process servers offer services to many types of clients: lawyers and paralegals; corporate legal departments; private individuals; landlords for tenant disputes; and particularly finance companies needing services for small claims and other legal issues. We are experts in the legal process and will serve your legal documents quickly and notify you even faster. Call us today to experience the difference.


Process Service:

Personal delivery of legal documents locally in Los Angeles, specializing in the mid-city and west side areas. We also provide process service in Orange County, California, a service often needed by local finance companies.

Judgment Enforcement:

In civil court cases, judgment is left to the parties of the lawsuit. If one party does not comply with the ruling, for example not paying a fine issued by the judge, judgment enforcers are needed to follow up on court decisions. We take the steps to ensure justice is completed.

Other Services for Client Convenience:

So that our clients can come to us with all the legal assistance services they may need, we also offer skip tracing, document filing, court research, document retrieval, and stakeouts. Ask about other miscellaneous services we provide. If we don't offer the service you seek, we have a quality network of referrals and can find you the right service provider.

Nationwide Services

We go the extra mile for our clients and strive to exceed their expectations. Our services are tailored to each individual client for the best possible outcome. Our process servers are experienced in serving legal documents with accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

We understand the state's rules and regulations and ensure that our services are upheld in a court of law. Our proven track record of excellence is a standard that we work towards for all cases. Our Los Angeles agents are dedicated to helping you with your legal support needs so that your case can be handled accurately and efficiently.

Give us a call to let us prove why we are California's and the nation's first choice for legal support services and process service. We are ready to help you and answer your questions.

Why Do Finance Companies Need a Process Server?

Responsible finance companies work exclusively or nearly exclusively with businesses that have properties that can have liens put on them. When it comes time to collect on loans provided, if the business or individual doesn’t have the raw capital to provide, liens are put on properties and other assets through small claims court. These leins must be served (and we recommend a professional process server) and enforced. Unfortunately, a person or business defaulting on loans is likely to be evasive to service, meaning a finance company might need to hire a skip tracer to investigate the new location. Multiple documents might need to be electronically filed or filed in person at California courts. Also, process serving companies like DRS offer judgment enforcement for businesses who do not comply with the judge’s rulings in small claims court.

In short, process servers can offer finance companies effective service of process for small claims documents (with proof of service), skip tracing, court filing, and judgment recovery for businesses or people who have defaulted on their loans.

Services & Prices

*We accept all major credit cards (Visa/Mastercard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, Square, Zelle, and Cash App. Use our online order form to submit your service request.

Service of Process

  • S-Corps/LLC/CT Corp 10+/a month: $80
  • Metropolitan Areas: $85 - $100
  • Rural: $85 - $100
  • Long Distance: $175 plus mileage

Court Filing

  • Proof of Service Filing: $45 - $85
  • Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino & Riverside: $85 - $100
  • Document Retrieval: $50 first hour, $65/hourly after
  • Bank Levy: $225
  • Wage Garnishment: $225

Additional Charges

  • Same Day Service: $175 - $225
  • Priority Service (within 2 hours): $225 - $300

In addition to routine and rush services

  • Stake Outs: $80/hour - 2 hour minimum
  • Stake Outs outside LA Metro: $100 - $150
  • Rural: $125 - $175
  • Difficult/High Risk Service: $150+

California Legal Support Services

Give us a call at (213) 429-3223 or complete our contact form to get started!

Our Los Angeles process servers and agents are ready to answer your questions about our services and how we can best help you. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by hiring DRS & Associates.

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